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Southpark Mall

230 Southpark Circle


Arielle Andrews

Saturday, June 23, 2018
I really don't like this mall. It's nearby, so I drag myself here if I have to. But, Oh, man, where do I start? This mall is DISGUSTING. It's like they maybe clean it... Once a month? I've seen DEAD MICE in the hallways, ROACHES, and patches of WEAVE. Not only is this place dirty, but it's also small and claustrophobic. They have very little interesting stores to shop at. A Macy's, A JCPenney's, and a dozen or so sneaker shops. The food court is disappointing. Six or so restaurants with mediocre food and very few places to sit at and enjoy. Plus, I don't think they clean the food court either. The crowd of people who like to shop here are very... Lax? They can be loud, touchy, rude, and plain out gross. I've had to exit a movie last year because a group of teenagers started a fight and one of them threatened to shoot. (Whether or not he had an actual gun, we're still unsure) Police were called and it was a terrifying event. I would not recommend this mall to young families or anyone with common sense. It's not a terrible mall, but there are definitely better ones just twenty minutes away. Long story short: Shop at your own risk.

Cat Barnett

Monday, June 25, 2018
This mall offers a lot of the same thing over and over- it has multiple clothing and shoe stores but they're all so similar that it's like walking out of one store and into its sister store. It's big with little variety to offer. The food court has a variety but the employees behave like street vendors and call out to you since the foot traffic is minimal so they're fighting for each customer they get. It's a decent mall if you have nothing else to do.

Carol Anne Bishop

Thursday, June 14, 2018
While this mall has improved over the years I wish they had a better variety of stores to shop. I feel they could do a better job of maintenance around the building and parking lots as well as better landscaping.

Dori Wei

Friday, June 22, 2018
Nice mall.... clean and never over crowded. It's dated and could use some modern upgrades re: the aesthetics.

Tabitha Rhodes

Saturday, June 16, 2018
Not sure about the shopping experience but horrible experience if you visit with your children. There apparently is a policy that children under 18 cannot leave their parent's side, which is ridiculous in a mall. This according to mall security that repeatedly asked my children, who were walking slightly ahead of me, who they were with. I thought they were kidding at first until they asked them again. At that point I wanted to know what was the problem and was told about this ridiculous policy. Of course, my children are brown as was practically every other child in this mall. We happened to be waiting for a movie that we chose not to see because of the overwhelming security presence. The saddest point in the incident for me was not that my children were being profiled but that apparently all the children had been profiled as possible troublemakers and as such could not be trusted. This mall has decided to create an unwelcoming atmosphere that sends a message that I received loud and clear. Children at this mall are a problem. Oh and by the way the message is not only being transmitted by the 5 white officers clustered near the entrance of the mall's small theater, but by the 2 brown officers that were trying to convince me the policy was for the children's safety as they quickly went after 2 little girls who dared to leave their mother's side. This is unfortunate as this is the only movie theater in a 20 mile radius. Having said that I encourage you to travel the extra distance to a different theatrt if you can. But if you have no choice but to patronize this place, by all means keep your children close to you to avoid the harrassment they will likely face.

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