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Arbor Place Mall

6700 Douglas Blvd

Mall Hours:
Monday to Saturday: 10am - 9pm
Sunday: 12pm - 6pm

Mall Walking Hours:
Monday to Sunday: 7am

Floors: 2

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Arbor Place Mall, located west of Atlanta in Douglasville, GA, features food, entertainment and shopping for the whole family. Enjoy a movie a Regal Cinema 18 or shop at many of our great stores


Javier Cacao

Saturday, July 7, 2018
I am going to add three stars because of the playground area that I, as a parent of two toddlers, use. The rules of the playground areas is that every kid needs to take off their shoes and I have seen kids with their shoes on. The biggest problem I personally have is to see older kids there, where they need to be playing sports (or with kids their age)... not with toddlers or little kids, that's a big NO!!!. Today a big kid kept on messing up with my toddler's hat (tossing it off his head) while his mom was on her cellphone on a long call. This play area is simply not designed for kids his age. In fact, there is a rule about kids being a certain height and that rule is never enforced. They got a "mickey mouse" looking blue figure with a ruler so kids could check their height and see if they are allowed to play in there. NO ONE DOES THAT! BECAUSE NO ONE ENFORCES IT. Heck, I have seen kids taller than me and I am 5' 7. This is not supervised at all. There is also a rule about not running around. I understand this has to be more lax because children are going to run around, I get it. But please keep this area for toddlers and infants ONLY. The other day an eight-year-old kid was running around and knocked my 1 year old to the floor. he just learned how to walk. I know he did it by accident but he is just too big to be playing there. Where is the Mall Security Team to enforce this? PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!! If you take your kids on a busy day, well you better watch them closely and stay on top of them. If your kiddos are little ones, my advice is to take them somewhere else or go in the morning around 10.30am. Well, now you know. UPDATE: I have observed the mall security guard and staff control the play area and even preventing some big kids to run around in lieu of protecting younger children. Thank you, Arbor Place family. I am updating you rating as well.

Caleb Moore

Sunday, May 20, 2018
This mall has stores for everyone. The food court has many great choices. Don't be surprised if local teenagers come to squash their beef by starting a fight. Mall security cracks down on this pretty fast, so don't be alarmed. Small businesses located throughout the mall will try to sell you things such as flavored popcorn, be polite to them!! Take their samples and keep moving on. Mall temperature is kept feeling nice all day long. Expect to walk a lot if you're planning on checking out every stores, as this mall has two floors and many stores to go through.

Stephen Beam

Wednesday, May 9, 2018
Arbor Place Mall is the only two-story, indoor shopping mall in the West Georgia area on the I-20 corridor. Management keeps it clean, fresh, and modern. The stores are relevant, and security is good. It's a pleasant place to hang out, shop, and enjoy a rainy day. The Regal 18 Cinemas, a decent food court, and great anchor stores like Old Navy and Bed Bath & Beyond help make this a well-rounded mall to visit.

Clare Dean

Friday, July 20, 2018
Good family friendly atmosphere. Nice clean food court. Movie theater clean and good quality sound during the movie.

Justin Couch

Wednesday, July 18, 2018
Very clean mal with decent selecting of stores, mall employees such as the security firm more interested in socializing on cell phones or with friends than assisting shoppers

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